We plant 1 tree per order with ECOLOGI!

Love is the origin of weddorable.

We see it as our natural obligation to treat our environment with care: earth, people and products. Our mission to make the unforgettable events and experiences around the wedding even more unique and individual is based on 5 key principles.

I. Highest quality and durability of our products
All products that you can find at weddorable will be sourced after strict quality criteria such as material or traditional handicraft. We want you to enjoy your new favorite pieces for as long as possible.

II. Hand-selected assortment with a special character
We are constantly looking to further enrich our repertoire of international well-known brands, upcoming designers and special manufacturers and to make the weddorable experience even more unique for you. 

III. Preferred selection of products that also offer plenty of opportunities to enjoy after the wedding
Unfortunately, many beautiful items of clothing and accessories that are worn at weddings never leave the closet again after the big day. In some cases this is unavoidable as individual pieces can be very specific. However we are convinced that with the right selection of products, most of them can also be enjoyed after the wedding.

IV. Responsible sourcing through cooperation with suppliers who also prioritize social and sustainable commitment
When selecting our partners, we don't just look for charming products. We insist on know-how and quality, as well as on transparent value chains with safe and fair working conditions. An environmental commitment, e.g. through the use of sustainable materials, is another essential sourcing criterion. Discover the background and activities of our brands.

V. Environmental protection in packaging and shipping, promotion of initiatives to protect ecosystems and effort for climate neutrality

Packaging and shipping: we mostly use recycled and FSC-certified packaging material.

Shipping: with DHL GoGreen your shipments will be delivered carbon neutral.

Funding: together with our partner ECOLOGI we plant 1 tree for each of your orders!

Ecologi is an international climate protection organization that is part of the mission to reduce global CO2 emissions by 50% through planting billions of trees until 2040.

Why plant trees? Trees efficiently store carbon in their roots and release oxygen back into the atmosphere in exchange. In this way they neutralize the climate-damaging carbon dioxide. In addition, trees and forests are the natural habitat of many species of animals and plants. Thus every tree can promote the climate and biological diversity.

You can find a current overview of the projects funded by ECOLOGI here .