Mykonos Muse Coffee Table Book


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The Mykonos Muse Coffee Table Book by Assouline offers a wonderful insight into the beauty of Mykonos and makes the perfect gift for any occasion - from weddings to honeymoons.

In the Cyclades, surrounded by the blue-green waters of the Aegean, lies whitewashed, windmill-dotted Mykonos, the island of winds. This ancient island and its surrounding islands, which according to mythology are the corpses of the gods slain by Hercules in ancient times, predate legend and have hosted countless cultures for more than a thousand years. The "Ibiza of Greece" with its forty square kilometers area and only ten thousand inhabitants has become known for its beautiful architecture, its hospitable and open-minded people and its fantastic beaches. With names like 'paradise' and 'superparadise', the beaches of this coast have captured the imagination and hearts of industry giants, artists and party-goers from around the world, making it a stable cosmopolitan destination and a premier jet set getaway.

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In English


• 300 pages
over 200 illustrations
English language
Released May 2018
linen hardcover
2.9 kg


W 25.4 x L 33 x D 3.81 cm

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