Love is the origin of weddorable.
We see it as our natural obligation to treat our environment with love:
Earth, people and products.


Female Founder

I founded weddorable in Düsseldorf in 2021 together with my husband. The story of weddorable begins with planning our own wedding: despite extensive research, we could not find a store for exclusive and hand-selected wedding essentials and wedding gifts within the EU. So we continued our search for unique products all over the world. The idea of ​​weddorable was born after we held the first beautiful products in our hands after sometimes weeks of delivery times and complicated customs clearance. An assortment with the most beautiful and best for the bridal couple, their family and friends!


The Concept

weddorable is an online concept store for exclusive and hand-selected wedding essentials and gifts based in Düsseldorf. We offer our customers a comprehensive repertoire of well-known international brands, upcoming designers and special manufacturers.

Our mission is to make the unforgettable events and experiences around the wedding even more unique and individual. Our portfolio offers a loving selection of high-quality products that go perfectly with everything to do with the wedding, which you will also have plenty of opportunity to enjoy afterwards in the spirit of sustainability.

Unfortunately, many beautiful pieces of clothing and accessories that are worn at weddings never leave the closet again after the big day. In some cases this is understandable as individual pieces can be very specific. However, we are convinced that with the right selection of products, most of them can also be used after the wedding.


The Magic of Gifting

Finding the perfect wedding gift can take a long time. We noticed that with every engagement and wedding of our friends.
That's why we at weddorable offer a suitable selection of enchanting and well thought-out gift ideas for all wedding-related occasions - from engagement to the last day of the honeymoon or anniversary. Celebrate love and friendship on this special day with a unique gift: "It's the magic of gifting".