Queen Berry 10 Bag Box - Organic Red Fruit Infusion


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After discovering the delicious taste of dried fruit, the dowager even traded her most valuable jewels, including the legendary radiant pearl, for berries she had personally selected. Try this tea and you will understand why. Refresh on the morning of the wedding as a bride or do something good for the bride as a bridesmaid with this tea.

They say beauty on the outside attracts, but beauty on the inside captivates. The packaging of Or Tea? are made from environmentally friendly materials and are produced in-house. Qualified and certified by HACCP, IFS, BCS, ISO and NVWA. Another selection from Or Tea? can be found here.


• Organic Red Fruit Infusion
• Packed in biodegradable tea bags
• 100% natural, without artificial flavors or ingredients


• 10 bags per box

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