Tuscany Marvel Coffee Table Book


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Assouline's "Tuscany Marvel Coffee Table Book" offers a wonderful insight into the beauty of Tuscany and is the perfect gift for every occasion - from weddings to honeymoons.

The Italian region of Tuscany is a feast for all the senses. A creative incubator combining art and architecture from the Etruscan, Roman, Renaissance and modern eras. In the squares of the towns are old churches that were once stations of the Grand Tours of the nineteenth century. Villas built by the distinguished Medici family stand atop the rolling wheaten hills and colorful olive groves that inspire authentic Tuscan cuisine. The Tyrrhenian Sea stretches offshore and laps the coast of Elba, the island to which Emperor Napoleon was exiled. Picturesque villages, historic towns and vibrant cities are scattered across a landscape almost as diverse as the communities themselves. From the annual horse races in the Piazza del Campo to the centuries-old winemaking traditions of the Chianti region and the city of Pisa, an ancient maritime republic Known for the youthful spirit of its Scuola Normale Superiore and Leaning Tower, Tuscany is a place of dreams where thousands flock to experience the history and savor the beauty of a region.
Had in the fashion world Ferragamo, Gucci and Pucci all have a connection to Florence and its endless inspiration. But what really defines Tuscany is its timelessness.

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In English


• 312 pages
over 200 illustrations
English language
Released May 2021
linen hardcover
2.72 kg


W 25.4 x L 33 x D 3.81 cm

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